No fear.

The only thing you should fear, is fear itself. Have you ever noticed that when you fear something so much, you drive it to happen? If you're holding on to a pretty vase and you're being too scared to drop it, you might start to tremble and *flooop, squash* ...was such a nice vase. If …

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Finding Your Happy Place…..

Life As A Daydreamer

You ever wake up feeling a certain way causing your day to start off on the wrong foot of things and then how you feel just starts to mess with everything not only your mood, but just everything you do in general!? yeah I had one of those days today and it really started to take a toll on me to where I started to get agitated with things around me…….now I was going to write all about that feeling I was going through today, but for some reason I couldn’t and my mind became blocked and I sat on my bed for a pretty good while trying to write something, yet I couldn’t……it even took me a bit to even write the title to this haha.

While that was happening, I was listening to music while my dog was sleeping next to me, trying to figure out what to…

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What 2016 Taught Me!

"Being defeated is a choice, we choose to be defeated. or we choose to pick ourselves up and work twice as hard. as long as we believe in Good" ❤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg71Z70BqAw   Leave your comments with what ever 2016 meant to you! Happy New Year everybodyy!! 😀 Feed a child for 0.50$  Download World Food Program's #ShareTheMeal …

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Why Traveling is Cool

Was thinking to myself.. why would you work all year long to make some *fat stacks* then spend them all at once in a short span of time? see. traveling is worth it to me. made a short video using my expertise insights, (aka babbling about whatever goes into my mind xD) enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C95_LbOITqc Leave …

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Planting a Seed

You know? planting a seed is a lot like real life trouble. you put in the seed, new soil, not knowing if any good will come out of it. but you decide to have a little faith. and go ahead. you water it every day. going out in the early cold mornings (how extreme xD) putting in the effort and …

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