L’amour toujours

Be the best version of who you are, and not what society tells you to be. Don't be afraid to go out there and smile to a stranger and say Hi to someone you haven't met before. it's YOUR responsibility to make the world a better place. You before anybody else should work to be …

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Life Lessons

You have to fall down couple of times so you could learn to pick yourself, and stand up even stronger. You have to break so you can grow tougher. You have to live the lifeless moments so you could thrive in the greatest moments. You have to taste fear, so you can become... fearless. (And …

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A Walk on the Nile River

I will never, ever forget that day. That day when I got rejected on something I worked on and hoped for an entire year and a half, with one simple word. No. God, I love that day! I remember I started walking out feeling everything, absolutely everything feeling apart. I felt like I've failed so, …

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