What’s the point?

Ever stopped in the middle of a hectic day and thought to yourself, what is the point?

I’m one of those people who can’t survive unless they do something they love. I can’t work a job unless I love it or at least it leads me to something I live for.

you see, what is the point of school? to get a job, sit on a desk, and make money? what’s the point of money if you’re being unhappy every day? you could get run over with a bus tomorrow as far as I’m concerned and never get to enjoy that money. you know? (it’s not a really long shot where I live too haha)

what I’m saying is. be happy.

I think the point of Life is you giving everyone and everything their full right. God has a right over you. the people who cares for you. the people you love. Humanity has a right over you. You yourself has a right over you.

so instead of feeling lost everyday wondering “What is the point?” I’m going to spend my life doing what I love or at least working for it. being Good to God to the people I love and to myself. To try to give back to humanity even if it was a little bit.

so yeah, self. that is the point.

to Live. and to Live right.



P.s: there’s this cool app called #ShareTheMeal

where you can donate 0.50$ and feed a hungry child for a day. I’ll make sure to do that often and you should too. who knows! we might be killing hunger one tap at a time 😀

Download the app: HERE

– Powered by World Food Program.





17 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. Some times the “POINT” is that there really is no POINT. However, you have made several good points here. Giving is the next best thing to receiving….well receiving what you want when you actually know what it is you want. I hate gifts I don’t want but I love to give food; the universal gift. HAPPY T. Day from me & mine to you & yours. ~~dru~~

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