Live in the moment.

That’s what I silently-scream to my mind when it hits me with one million thought at a time. slow down!

We live in a such fast paced world that you feel the need to think super fast all the time fearing you’d miss out.

Such a mishap. I mean, instead of quietly enjoying a sunset you’re thinking “Oh, I need to take a picture! Which filter I’m going to use?! Hashtags! Hashtags!”

It wouldn’t hurt at all if you took a second to enjoy the moment. (how fluent)

If you gave each moment its fulltime, and make the best of it, you wouldn’t miss out! You’d live life to the fullest.

So take a moment, breathe in the fresh beautiful autumnal breeze, feel the sun warming up your face, notice the cloudy uncluttered sky, and live.

– RayneQ


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