Dealing with Anxiety

How would you take on the world while you have wars going on inside your own head?

We live in such fast paced world, where there are way too many things happening at the same time diverting your attention and basically making every cell in your brain freak out.

See, our minds are designed to function best when they’re focusing their attention one task at a time. Anxiety is basically your brain cells running all around the place in chaos, throwing paper, screaming and thinking they’re about to die! So what does your brain do? It puts you on protection mood, it tells you to either flee or grab a shield, a sword and prepare to fight.

and while you’re supposed to have this reaction in a battle field where arrows are flying by and men are falling off their horses, you’re having it sitting peacefully in an air-conditioned closed room with no enemies knocking on the door, with no reaper asking for your life. Instead you build it up thinking you’ll lose your friend if they didn’t reply in the next five minutes!! Silly world we live in haha.
That happens because we customized our minds to think we’re constantly in danger because of some negative experiences we once had, still, not as bad as falling off your horse in the middle of a battle field trying to fight for your life!
So what do you do to let your mind know you’re fine and for your brain cells to leave you in peace and basically just CALM THE EFF DOWN? 😁
training your mind to live in the moment, focus its attention on one thing at a time, to fill it with positive energy until it becomes a habit of its own. Bluntly, simply teaching your mind to be a Hipster.

Spiritual Gangster, if you may.

Here are few tips I’ve found helpful, out of experience and not a textbook.
1. Breathe.
simple as that. You have no idea how much breathing can affect your body. Once you feel like you’re freaking out, and the electricity is building up in your mind, take a moment. Inhale deeply while thinking everything is ok. Exhale. And voila. We’re back in the game! Breathe.
2. Live in the moment.
stop reminiscing about the past, regretting it and feeling bad about it. Stop worrying about the future, and just live.

if you spend out way too much energy in different time zones, how are you going to find the time to enjoy the moment and give it your best? NOW, is what matters the most. Now is what counts.

Don’t get me wrong. Nice memories are nice. Setting goals and working for them is tremendous. But too much of a good thing is bad. If you know what I’m sayin’!
3. Turn down the span of your thoughts. Once it comes to your attention that your brain is hitting you with way too many thoughts (100 thought/sec more or less!), take a moment, breathe, and focus on one thought only. make it a nice one. calming one. a fangirl one if you must!

Try to practice that until it’s a habit. If you find your thoughts way too consuming, get a paper, and pour them all out as they sound in your head. Writing seems to organize all the clutter upstairs!
4. Set goals and work for something you want to achieve. Don’t just go through life, have a purpose. Don’t spend way too much time worrying. Just have your goals in mind, what you need to do to get to them. And put in the work. just go man, just go.
5. Be yourself. Be who you are and don’t mind what anybody else says, just do you. simple as that. be the glorious mess, the tremendous dork, that you are.

Stop being in your mind too much and focus on what’s around you. Enjoy the sun rays, notice the fresh air, the beautiful lights. Whatever your environment brings. Live.

Be positive fill your mind with good energy and go take on the world! and remember, it comes with practice. you’ll take time to master maximum coolness. be patient, Constant and don’t forget to kick some ass along the way.



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